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  • 3SDM Alloy Wheels5 products

    3SDM Alloy Wheels

    3SDM are a young but very fast growing wheel company with headquarters in the UK. 3SDM was founded in 2011 by a group of open-minded modified car enthusiasts, with over a decade’s worth of experience of their own working in the wheel production industry. They set up 3SDM to give the modified car scene a range of c...
  • Axe Alloy Wheels6 products

    Axe Alloy Wheels

    AXE wheels is one of the UK’s leading alloy wheel distributors with an incredible collection of innovative alloy wheels, designed with the latest alloy wheel trends in mind and implemented with the latest techniques to ensure they continue to set new standards in design, quality and service. Big on style, cutting ...
  • Cades Alloy Wheels6 products

    Cades Alloy Wheels

    The Cades range mixes classics designs with more modern contemporary styles, with the end result being a perfectly varied range of wheels, offering a first class product that not only looks great but actually works. Powder lacquer is applied to the Cades wheels which are finished with a polished surface, offering ...
  • Dare Alloy Wheels18 products

    Dare Alloy Wheels

    Dare wheels, a UK alloy wheel distributor with an wide collection of innovative, distinct, stylish and retro alloy wheel designs, that have lead Dare to become the much loved brand it is today. From mesh designs such as LP-560 to deep dishes which are retro inspired such as the Dare RS, or Dare F-5 spokes and race...
  • Ispiri Alloy Wheels6 products

    Ispiri Alloy Wheels

    The ISPIRI philosophy is to design tasteful, well executed and refined wheels inspired by OEM wheel design, seamlessly blended with subtle influences from the wheel scene to produce an enhanced OEM look and feel....
  • Quantum 44 Alloy Wheels6 products

    Quantum 44 Alloy Wheels

    Quantum44 wheels built around the ethics of setting trends rather than follow them, at Quantum44 our goal is to offer our customer’s products that are meticulously crafted and subject to rigorous testing ensuring they adhere to and surpass all JWL and VIA standards, as well as pending Germany TUV approval for earl...
  • Radi8 Alloy Wheels6 products

    Radi8 Alloy Wheels

    Radi8 wheels center core is fueled by their passion to create an awesome personality in each wheel design. Their distinct wheel designs are very aesthetic because they often step out of the boundaries. They strive to represent the individuality reflected in their wheels as a “wow factor”, built around the ethics ...
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 10 brands)
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